Friday, September 30, 2005

Family Friday

I don't know very much about this couple. The picture would have been taken between 1880 - 1885 as she looks to between 25-30 years old. Ida died in 1885 at the age of 3o and is buried in the Westmeath United Cemetary (Ontario). John Wright is one of the sons of Mary Tucker and John Wright whose picture I shared last Friday. Something about Ida's beauty always haunted me. I love the photo, her sereneness and her gown.

John Wright 1856 - 1942
Ida Wright 1855 - 1885 Posted by Picasa

Illustration Friday

A drawing of those mysterious floating lights said to lead travellers from the well-trodden paths into treacherous marshes. This ATC was completed for a Nervousness Exchange

Will o' the Wisp Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 23, 2005

Family Friday

One of the signs of Fall for me, besides the fact that I start to pick up my knitting, is the fact that I start to get back into genealogy again. It's been a major interest of mine since I was about nine and I have even started working towards my genealogical certificate. I have hundreds if not thousands of photos some of which are pretty old. Some of which are very amusing. I thought that maybe for a little while, to picque my interest again, I'd post some of my favourites here with a little background on each.

John Wright 1817 - 1893
Mary Tucker 1825 - 1900 Posted by Picasa

Case in point, meet my "American Gothic". Not so much the Mrs. Mary but Mr. John, wow look at the face on that guy, something only a mother could love. If he was holding a pitchfork and in suspenders I'd swear he was the inspiration for that famous painting by Grant Wood.

John Wright was born in Westmeath, Ontario in 1817, he is my Great Great Grandfather. He and Mary had 12 children that I am aware of Eva Louise, Benjamin, Silas, Lucy, Amelia, Helen, Ida, Marie, Charles, John, Joseph and Mary. All strong sturdy names. They are buried in the Westmeath Cemetary and as I have family there to this day, I have visited that cemetary many times and photographed their graves. It's strange going back there, we have ancestors that settled there in the 1700s and most of the people buried in the cemetary before 1950 are related to me in one way or another. Most of the living who belong to the older families are related too.

John Wright's ancestry can be traced back to the 1500s in England and because he is closely related to Philemon Wright, who discovered Hull, Quebec and who is one of the important figures in Canada's political and industrial history, his family's history has been researched and recorded by a professional genealogist and published by the Canadian National Capital Commission. I ordered a copy of the publication and for $29 received about 15 years worth of my time in research. One line of research down, a million to go.

Mary's family, the Tuckers apparently owned quite a bit of land in the area and her father George Washington Tucker was involved in the local politics of the day. He and his wife, Mary's mother Ann Cowdry are also buried in Westmeath's St. Andrew's United Cemetery.

One of the websites that helped to peak my interest in Genealogy many years ago was the Ontario Cemetary Finding Aid. I happened accross that site years ago and it has been a great source for me, with so many ancestors in Ontario. You can search the whole database and with a little bit of fooling around can pretty much find all the people of the same surname in a given area or even everyone listed in a given cemetary which is very helpful as many leads come from looking up names of those buried within the same cemetary (long settled families often have long histories with other families in the same area). Once you know where your ancestor is buried, you can look to see whether that cemetary has been documented by the Ontario Genealogical Society or other volunteers. If it has you can request transcripts of the cemetary to see all of the information that was written on the gravestones. Not only that but these transcripts record the location of the graves so that if you can visit, you can figure out where your family is buried quite quickly. It may sound gruesome to some but trust me, invaluable information can be learned from reading gravestones. Regional Genealogical Societies usually sell transciptions for the cost of copying so I have been able to get transcriptions of entire (small) cemetaries for $6 - 12.

(Now, sauvageblue, you can see why I am so nosey! It is part of my demeaner to fairy out details, every little detail gleans a little nugget of information.)

Oh and I am happy to say there is absolutely NO family resemblance here. Phew!

Inspiration Wednesday.....?

I know, I know... but in my defence I did actually have this file ready on Wednesday, it's just I want to take Monday off work so I have been working through my lunches.

Anyway, here are a few things I've been meaning to file away this week. The first is a site with these adorable japanese kitties. They come in a few different colours and poses. I get a kick out of this guy. He looks like my Siamese does when he sleeps - fat and oblivious of whatever is going on around him. Click on his picture here to check out pictures of his other buddies.

Cutie Cat

I was looking for something having to do with cloth bags (Back Tack inspiration you know) and I came accross this kazansi site again. I keep bumping into it. I've seen a few bloggers around giving it a try and the technique seems to yeild some beautiful results. There are other examples on this site.


I was looking up something having to do with felting and came accross these next two pictures. I had to record this one here because it is a child's picture of a cat that has been made into a hooked rug. I love the colourful cat and could see myself decorating an entire room around it. Lina would be so pleased. The link to the original site is here, however it just lists various workshops that are available.

Hooked Rug

These felted Halloween pins were on the same site as the rug above. I love the spider!

Felted Halloween Pins

This monkey purse was just too cute not to stash away for future reference. There are a few other shots of this little guy there as well. If only I had seen this during LoobyLu's Sock Monkey Month of Softies. I still have two sock monkeys on my craft table buried under a pile of magazines waiting to have eyes and arms.

Knitted Monkey Purse

I was looking for knitted pouches and found this little pouch mouse. Actually I was taken more by the crocheted bears on this site - Ursa Minor Minatures - than by the pouches and purses. They are adorable. This guys however was made by Mary Daub. I can't find very much about her on the web, but this little mouse is too cute too!

Little Guy Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The good news is...


I hope I didn't blab too much, I guess I was in a strange mood. I find that these Board meetings are a good lesson in humility. Every Board meeting I do something stupid, forget to do something and say something not relevant to the conversation. It humbles me. Gets me off kilter really. I guess I am still unbalanced.

Unfortunately the only alternative school in my area is a Montessori school which takes children up to Senior Kindergarten, Lina is in Grade 2 this year. The good news is that switching schools seems to have been a good thing so far. The teacher she has moved to this school from Lina's old school along with the Principal, so Lina knows her. That fact and the fact that Chloe, her best friend from accross the street, is in her class at school seem to have made the transition painless. Chloe, from what I can see, is a little more advanced in her skills. I worried about this at first but it seems to be a good thing. Two nights ago, Lina actually took her homework out herself and started working on it without waiting for 1) me to wipe off the table after dinner and 2) me to read the instructions to her.

Last night, Lina's homework consisted reading a short book and completing a story bubble; you know, the title goes in the middle, the plot, characters, conclusion, setting go in bubbles around the side. After completing her assignment, she wanted to write her own story. Together we made our own story bubble and then used it to write a pretty cool story about a cat that chases a mouse who eventually becomes his friend. I decided to concentrate on ensuring that she spelled the words correctly rather than worrying about all the backwards letters. She worked until 8:30pm; I was quite impressed and told her so. She is taking it to school today in the hopes she can read it to her class.

Right now I am trying to see how she functions with her work, we are using her homework as learning opportunities. I have already notified her teacher that she has difficulties and I guess I'll set up a meeting with her soon to see how she is doing in the classroom. I wish so much I had other options to consider. Homeschooling is the only option really around here. We do our work at night and on weekends after school. There are many people who work full time while homeschooling, unfortunately I do not have a good day care situation for her. She likes school right now anyway so I think this after school continual learning will continue.

Anyway, today is Inspiration Wednesday and I need to find some good links to get me back in the creative mode.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Naughty Corner

Dear backtack pal,

As you can see from the previous post's comments, I've been sent to the naughty corner. My backtack pal from last go-round says shame on me. I'm pouting and sulking now. Please, don't let my sneakiness and curiosity wreck your fun, Sauvageblue would never forgive me and I'd like to count her as one of my bloggy/crafty friends. Especially don't stop yourself from expressing yourself on your blog, I would never forgive myself. My blogging has been a lifesaver to me this past year. I'll stop snooping... for now (a-hem… unless you insist!)

I think I can say though that you and I have a lot in common. I have over extended my abilities for about a year now. I feel like I am stretching. It feels good but at the same time I feel like I'm not so limber anymore.

In answer to some of your comments, thanks for thinking I accomplish a lot, however I have come to understand that all of us feel everyone else is doing so much and that we ourselves accomplish so little in comparison. My house is a disaster zone, my craft room is in shambles and is so bad that I have taken to closing the door to it. I noticed last night, my daughter still has a bit of green play-dough stuck to one of her sheets which must have been from the other night when I chastised her and her friend about playing with playdough in bed. My bedroom has two baskets of clean unfolded clothes which are starting to mingle with dirty clothes and if I don't catch it soon, I will be forced to wash it all again. My backtack materials are half downstairs on the rec-room floor and half upstairs on the kitchen table. I have a two day old dead fish in a fish bowl that I keep meaning to empty but while leaving for Board meetings at 6:30 - 7:00 am and cooking till 11:00 - 11:30 pm, I haven't been able to get it done.

All of this sound disgusting of course but it goes to show you that on the hierarchy of the things-to-do scale, I am in a sad state.

Don't berate yourself on feeling you aren't accomplishing as much as someone else. It’s like that old "the grass is always greener..." proverb. Blogging is like the TV world in a way, the pretty stuff shows up but the reality of things isn't always the case. I don't really think I accomplish all that much. Not if you saw the hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars in craft materials and tools that I have stockpiled that are just waiting to be used.

We all could do more I guess, but I figured out a while ago, while pulling myself out of a creative depression (which sadly happens every once and a while) that if I dwell on what I think I should be producing, 1) I'll slide right back into depression and not be able to create and 2) I won't appreciate that I am ALWAYS using my skills to create. That last fact is really my important attitude saver. To keep creatively sane, I must acknowledge that am still creating even when I am not working with beads, or wire or leather. By working with my daughter, cooking meals together with my husband and volunteering, I am working my creative soul. Those things have to be counted too, even though it is not a finished project that can be shown on my blog it has some very concrete outcomes. My daughter is a happy and creative child and we have a strong bond. My husband and I are working on our 18th year together (and I am only 35), we talk about our relationship, we work on our relationship and we are proud of it. And through volunteering I am learning to appreciate the intangible creativeness that comes from working little people who are just discovering themselves and their abilities. I have to allow myself to enjoy the good feelings I get about these uses of my abilities and that they are just as valid a creative accomplishment as beading a dreamcatcher is.

Oh and I personally think that stay at home mom's do more work than most of us do-it-all-ers. When I was on maternity leave I couldn't believe the guilt I felt at being home. I couldn't let myself sit knowing my husband was "working" all day. Yah right! I don't feel guilty about it anymore, if I could do it financially I'd be home in a snap and be damned if I would feel guilt about it for a second. I know now that when I was home it allowed us to be a family together instead of having to spend nights and weekends trying to run a household and deal with outside-of-work responsibilities, we would be able to go on walks, ride our bikes, travel, renovate the house, garden... all things that were quality time with each other. We had a better quality of life. I never sat down, even at night I'd fold laundry while watching TV.

Now I "work" all day, and when I get home at night I flop on the couch and go into a trancelike vegetative state all too often, and if I actually compared the amount of "work" I accomplish, I would say that working outside of the home breeds laziness. Like you don't have to "work" anymore the moment you walk into the house, because you “worked” all day. Blah it’s all such a waste!

I didn't realize to someone reading my blog that I would seem heartfelt and open about Lina's difficulties in school. What I felt was frustration. I needed to vent and this was the only place I thought I could do it properly. It's like therapy to blog sometimes. And since I have a writing process when I blog, I seem to be able to discover exactly how I feel about things that started out confusing and angering me. I type everything out as it comes out, then I go back and re-type, sometimes I re-type the entry again. Then I edit, asking myself do I really feel that way? Is that really true? What I publish is pretty much what I feel needs to be recorded for later reference. And I do re-read my entries. They help to put a perspective on things. Allowing public access just ensures that I write things that I can truly stand behind and that I am truthful with myself. Not to mention the possibility of different perspectives from people who have gone through the same trials. And I am always interested in other people’s ideas! Your experiences and opinions would be invaluable.

In my research of homeschooling techniques, I did indeed look at the Waldorf theories. I am not as familiar with those as much as maybe the Charlotte Mason or the Montessori methods. I am a big believer in setting a child loose in a field and letting her discover the truths about life and nature herself. I was able to do a lot of that growing up myself and I am saddened with the disconnection children feel with the living world now. I think it is awesome that you have chosen an alternative method to school your son and that you are so involved. Sometimes I think I am too involved with my daughter and I try my hardest to back off and see what she can work out for herself, being a big believer in independence and self reliance, but it is a hard thing to balance being a mom.

So now that I have blabbed my fingers off once again, I guess it’s time to get back to “work”. Happy creating! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Sunday, September 18, 2005


I'm tired, tired, tired. I am sitting at my office waiting in between the end of one Board Meeting and our Board Dinner. So, I'm surfing, my eyes are sore and red and I just want to sleep. But I was so inpired by this artist I had to make sure that I posted th elink here for future reference.

Check out this artist flickr gallery here. And her website and blog here.

Creativechick Posted by Picasa

Awesome work!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I'm so bad. I've visited every single blog on the back tack list. I like a good mystery, I like solving them even more. I've narrowed my theories on who might be my back tack pal and I am working on four. I wonder, does my secret pal mind?

Trying to guess who might be my partner adds so much fun to the project, not to mention I've just got to know dozens of new bloggers. Man there are some really talented people out there! I cant' wait to see what everyone comes up with.


Well, tonight is a first for Lina and I. She will be a Brownie for the first time and I will be a Brownie Leader for the first time. I had to come up with a name tag craft for the girls to do tonight. Not knowing the makeup or abilities of the girls I came up with something that should be simple: cardstock sandwiched between fun foam. I doodled mine this morning as an example.

Name Tag CraftPosted by Picasa

Unfortunately, leaving behind Sparks I have to leave behind my Spark name which was Firefly. I rather liked that name. So now I have to choose a traditional Brownie name. It has to be "something" Owl. Tawny Owl, Snowy Owl are traditional names. I wanted something that describes me. There is no Freckled Owl as far as I know, so I have named myself "Spotted Owl" and I am quite proud of it. Did you notice that the owl on my tag has freckles? They are one of my best features I think.

Wish me luck, I am about to walk into a room with 20-30 seven and eight year olds. I am supposed to be a role model and help turn these little girls into inspired young women. Today I would rather curl up in front of the TV and start my backtack project but I know the moment I walk into the room, those little girls will be the ones who inspire me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back Tack Questions

I hope this is OK. I copied questions asked me by my secret pal here, just because they are so fun to think about.

From my Secret Pal:

"Hi Ria, Snoop away, I defy you to find me!

I’m actually kinda worried about dropping hints, so I’m going to be extra careful!

So, let the interrogation begin- Do you have a favorite color? A favorite art medium? A favorite TV show? Any strong dislikes?

Are you a super-duper hugmungous bag kind of person, or do you prefer a neatly organized, no more space than you need kind of tote? What do you need to put in it? A certain 6 year old’s tutus? Bike tires? Motorcycle carburetors? Beading supplies?

Do you like luxury? Simplicity? Moderninty (is that even a word?)? What’s your style? I noticed you’re a rather talented jack of all trades. Is there anything you haven't tried? Needle felting? macramé? Polymer clay? Do you want to tell me out right what you want to try, or shall I surprise you based on what I know so far?

I’m going to let it go at that for now, but I may pester you again soon. Rest assured, I am all consumed about what to make you, my poor children are sooo neglected! Isn’t this fun? :)"

Hmmmm… I love a good challenge.


Favourite Colours.

I am drawn to combinations. I like the creation of a mood or a feeling. I like being surprised by the accident of colours. I envy those who can walk around or work with a kaleidoscope of colours, however I tend to dress and find solace in earthy or jewel tones.

A Favorite medium.

If I new the answer to that one I could probably settle down and get to work earning a living with my creativity. I can’t figure it out. Every time I see some new thing I want to try it, usually after I try I, I get tempted by something else. Jack of all trades, master of none. However, I am always drawn back to beadwork, leatherwork, wirework, crochet and knitting.

A favourite TV show?

Well, hard to say. There is a hierarchy here. My 6 year old gets first dibs. Then comes everything involving two wheels and an engine. And finally if no one else is around and I can sneak in a few moments, I sometimes can find Crafters Coast to Coast, or something crafty like that to ogle over. When it used to be on, I’d hush the house and take control of the remote to watch Modern Masters ( which used to showcase amazing craftsman working on some of their amazing work. (I always secretly wanted to learn to weld, learn glassblowing, and become a weaver). Superficially speaking, my daughter and I never miss an episode of America’s Next Top Model.

A better question for me would be: What is your favourite magazine? “Piecework” It defines me. (It doesn’t define my skill – I wish! It defines what I love – the history, origin and uses of handwork.)

Any Strong Dislikes.

Hate to admit it but yah. Um, can’t stand country crafts. I prefer beauty and functionality. I’m not a fan of crafts that sit around and collect dust. I’m all for art and beauty, but not big on painted wood cuts and potato bins. That’s not a bad thing is it?

Bag size…

Hard to say. I have never found a purse yet that I’ll actually stay with. I tend to stick my debit card into my pocket and go. However. My van is full of bags and various rubber maid containers most of the time. I hate to leave home without a few things that I might just have time to work on. That includes paperwork for Guiding and magazines that I haven’t browsed for a while that might inspire me. Today I have a dollar store tote that has new wool and hooks to make a sweater or shawl for my daughter at the bottom amongst the tangles are several containers of beads waiting to be put back onto the bead shelf. I have two briefcase-kind-of-bags one that contain binders to review policies and programs for Brownies and the other which contains about 150 pages of ideas that I have been collecting from websites and blogs that need to be categorized and put into page protectors and into binders. I also have a road bike and a pair of rollerblades in the back of my van not to mention a gym bag with running shoes, towel etc to work out at the gym at lunch if I have the time. See, I can’t really answer that one. I am one of those people who look like I live in chaos but I know exactly where to find a piece of paper at a moments notice. (Just ask my husband!)


I’ve been wondering that one myself, however, the more I look back at my blog the more I notice that I tend towards simple clean lines and colours. However I am not above chaos that works. Checking out the links I provide on the Wednesdays that I post my Inspiration Links is probably a good hint of what attracts me. I’ve pointed out before how frumpy and “goody-two-shoes” I tend to be. I feel like an imposter riding around on a motorcycle especially some of the ones I get to try out as I can’t bring myself to speed (I mean that would just not be right – would it!) but when no one’s looking I’ll twist the throttle a bit, revel in the power and secretly wish I was downtown so I could admire myself in a store front window. Oooh what would I be if I only let that rebel in me loose?

What haven’t I tried.

Lots I guess, but probably more than most. I’ve never welded, but have tried blacksmithing when I was a child (my dad had a forge), I don’t own a floor loom but have worked with a table loom several times, I haven’t blown any glass vases, but I am pretty happy working with glass beads. I’ve tried woodcarving, wooden boxes, painted murals, painted floor cloths, I’ve painted with acrylics and water colours right now I fixated with pencil crayons. My favourite drawing mediums are pencil, charcoal and pen & ink. I have quilted but am more fascinated with appliqué. I have smocked, embroidered, done crewelwork, cross-stitched (but then didn’t everyone?). I love lace, am pretty comfortable with tatting, have knitted lace, not so comfortable with crocheted lace though.

In my craft room, I have stained-glass tools, various tools for wire-work, soldering guns, two sewing machines (one antique), an easel, (I just moved my drafting table down to my shed as it was taking up too much room and I haven’t been drawing much lately), a bookshelf crammed with magazines and binders, a smocking machine, an entire bookshelf devoted to beads, boxes of embroidery thread, a huge basket of yarn and miscellaneous knitting projects in progress, various paints, woodcarving tools, sweetgrass that has yet to be braided, wings and feathers from a partridge, leatherworking tools, an unfinished sock monkey and usually a Siamese cat named Fester.

I’m good with macramé (I was born in the 70s), have a collection of polymer clay, had tried my hand at scrapbooking, but I have to say I’m not really a big fan of that trend. (I studied Photography at University so I am loath to cut up a photograph and feel that other than the odd date and name it should pretty much speak for itself.) I have made candles and have a huge block of wax just waiting to be melted if I ever get around to doing it. I had a go at bookbinding this past year and absolutely loved it.

Of things I have never done but will probably get around to trying some day: I have never needle felted, never felted anything I have knit, never made felt. I have never spun or died my own wool, never owned sheep for that matter. Oooh but I have made my own butter when I was a kid – time consuming process – don’t think that is related but it did have to do with livestock. I have never made bobbin lace. I have never worked with a tambour, never made a tapestry. I have never done any silk screening or printing on fabric like everyone seems to be into. I have never learnt basket making techniques, although I have had a hand in re-caning a chair. I have never made any lampworked beads but I will some day.

But when it comes right down to it, I love surprises and although I’ve run off at the mouth (so to speak), I would love to see what you figure out about me. After all, you can see I am fascinated by just about anything that can be made by hand.

Back-Tack Ideas

I can hardly get my head screwed on straight and I have no time to get it on right. Tonight is registration night for Guides and because I have committed to Brownies this year (I was a Leader for Sparks last year) I have so much to learn as well. I have some major busy weeks ahead.

In creative news I've pretty much decided how I want to approach my back-tack project. I am going to attempt tablet weaving once again. I haven't done it for years, I was a young teenager the first time I used the technique. I borrowed a book from our library and taught myself. Years later when I was in University and trying to get into being "hip", I wanted to make myself a bag using the technique. I made several straps, but never got around to sewing them up. Who would have thought that studying and working so we didn't starve could take up so much of a student's time?

I still have the deck of cards I cut up to make the tablets and a few years ago I found a copy of the same book I had originally learned the technique from, at a local used book store.

So when I received confirmation that my name was included in the back-tack II project, I started thinking about that book again. I knit, I supposed I could felt if I tried, I crochet, I do beadwork, I can sew, I can quilt but it's not my favourite thing to do. So as a challenge, I have decided to try to tablet weave a bag and some accessories.

Here is the book of techniques I own.

Tablet Weaving Book

And here is my old set of converted playing cards that I made in University (that was 15 years ago - yep you're right, I am a pack-rat)

Old Cards

An here is an example of one of the projects that I have been looking at for ideas. I'd like to make a bag in the style of a messanger bag. Complete with tassels and I would like to incorporate some applique work as well. Turns, out from what I can gather from my backtack buddy, the recipient of my bag and I have similar taste so I think if I am happy with the outcome then so will she.

Example Posted by Picasa

If anyone is interested in learning more about this technique, here are some links to follow which look at the history and possilities of Tablet or Card Weaving.

Discover Card Weaving: Ancient Technique - Modern Delight
Tablet Weaving
Tablet Weaving
Lina Hendrickson Tablet Weaving
Tablet Weaving

Friday, September 09, 2005

BackTack II

Good things. I just learned that I did indeed make the cut for Back Tack II. I am SO excited. I've already been snooping around my buddy's site and have alot more snooping to do. I wonder who is my secret pal? Oh goody goody. Something new to lie in bed and dream about.

Now I need to do some bag research. Not only that, but I have to figure out some kind of crafty thing I have always wanted to try but never have. A hard thing for me to figure out since I pretty much dabble in everything. I just can't wait to see who else in on the list on what new people/blogs I will get to know.

In other news, yes I am still swamped. I worked at the office until 8:30 pm last night, went home put Lina in bed (who was watching TV in the garage while the guys readied their bikes for the final race of the year which is tomorrow) and worked until 11:30 pm last night.

The last few days I've been face to face with Murphy's Law. You know the one that goes "anything that can go wrong will go wrong", well its pretty much defined my entire week. So between snatching the last spot in the after school program for Lina, receiving the wonderful gift from Kitty Dollies yesterday and getting in on a second BackTack, I feel I might be able to salvage some good humour this week.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Such a Lovely Gift

Looky, Looky what I received in the mail. While so much is going on (I was supposed to be on my way home 2 hours ago and it doesn't look like I am getting out of the office anytime soon), I was blown away when my husband handed me a package yesterday and low and behold, Kitty Violeta from Singapore, who was one of my backtack buddies (it was to her I sent my fabric to in the first half of the backtack project), sent me a beautiful pouch made from left over fabric and filled with some wonderful wool and stitch markers. I am speachless.

Lovely Pouch

Pouch Contents Posted by Picasa

This is such a wonderful spirit lifter. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I still don't know whether I got in on the second round of Backtack, but I do know that the first list is obviously comprised of many many generous and talented people. Now I have to put aside some time to make something lovely from this gift to do justice for this surprise.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

End of summer holidays and a "new" school year.

So my husband and I took the plunge and signed Lina up at another school. We've been taking her to another town to school every day (around here there are many little towns within a few miles of each other). So now that the principal from her old school was re-assigned to the school in our town, we decided to consider sending her there.

I had been for a visit and meeting at our community school back when Lina was in Kindergarten and was not impressed. I loved the school she had been at for the last two years, however, appropriate before and after school care is always an issue for us. The new school offers a care program right at the school.

So I waited in the gym with Lina this morning while they called the class lists out. Lina was placed in the Grade 2 class. I was happy as I prefered that over the grade 2 grade / grade 3 split class. The bonus was that she was placed in the same class as Chloe, her best friend from across the street. They are a handful together. Trust me, they even wear me out. But they may get a few days to sit together before the teacher figures out she may be able to manage her class better if they are split apart.

We will have to start the assessment work over though. We are in a different jurisdiction. So I will have to meet with another resource teacher and inform her of our work to date and ensure that she and I are working together with Lina's teacher to help her get the most out of the classroom.

And tonight we are going shopping for school stuff, we were not home this weekend to get anyof that done. Lina and I went on a "mom and Lina" camping trip this weekend as hubby was out of town at a race. I wanted to do something with just Lina and I and had planned on surprising her with a trip to Canada's Wonderland but after gas prices jumped to $1.40 a litre on Friday I just couldn't afford the trip anymore. So instead we packed up the dog and headed out on our own. Lina's grandparents, two great uncles and many family friends were camping at McConnell Lakes already. Lina and I decided to go there to but camped "away" from everyone else so that we could spend one-on-one time together and so any long weekend partying might not keep us up all night. I am happy to say we got to swim, catch minnows, crayfish, leaches and polywogs, ride our dirt bikes, play with friends, visit family and try out camp cooking like s'mores, wads and roasted hotdogs. Yum! It even rained all day Saturday so we got to play cards and boardgames in our tent while eating cookies and chips.

Lina had a great time and I got to boast that I gave her a weekend that was all about her. Not to mention many hugs and many repeated 'this was the best weekend ever". Kramer, our golden retriever enjoyed himself too, but will probably sleep for a week.

Yesterday, was a blah day - in a good way. No one was very ambitious and so we unloaded the camping stuff, washed the truck, had dinner and slouched on the couch, ate popcorn and went to bed early.

No crafting got accomplished, HOWEVER, I can gleefully add that I got through about 20 pages of crosswords while listening to Canadian Geese fly south overhead. Ah! THAT was heaven.

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