Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Erm. A little while ago, I posted a picture of some fish purses which I thought were hilarious. Well! I was searching (and yes it was at lunch!) for some needle cases - because that is what I decided to start with for my back tack buddy, anyway - don't ask me how - but I found these! Oh! My! Gosh! I love them! And I ordered the kit! I'm so excited. I work for a fisheries organization. Do you think they would think me weird if I walked in with one of those? I can't wait. I love the purse with it's mouth closed. Check out Fancy Fish Handbag #981 at Ghee's.

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Monday, May 30, 2005


So, while catching up on the my regular blog reads this morning, I was not only amazed by Angry Chicken's scan of Japanese quilts but by the little sewing books. Now this is something I could see myself doing. So many techniques could be used. It's like a little sampler of sorts. With having received so many wonderful fabrics from my anonymous back tack pal, a project like this might do the package justice. Hmmmmm. Have to think on that. Oh and pincusions, oh and a scissor case, oh and....

Thursday, May 26, 2005

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Flower Pins

So, re: the previous post, here are the beginnings of the flowers which will be given to the girls receiving their Canada Cord. In honour of the Canadian Flag, I made the flowers an almost red pink and the ribbon that I tie them with will be white velvet.

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The white beads strung on the wire still will be for the Laby Baden-Powell pins and will have either blue velvet or gold velvet ribbons.

Silly Me

Silly me. At my last District Meeting of Girl Guide Leaders, I objected to giving fresh flowers to the girls who were being awarded their Canada Cord and the Lady Baden-Powell awards. Fresh flowers don't last very long. In fact many of the girls who receive them leave them on the tables at the end of the night. So I thought I'd make them pins like these that they could keep forever.

French Beaded Flowers from "Beads in Bloom" Posted by Hello

Silly me, what was I thinking. Last night I stayed up until midnight making flowers, my chest hurting the whole time. I have another late night tonight, an audit tomorrow, the Banquet (when the pins will be given to the girls) tomorrow night, etc etc etc. I am so stupid.

Back Tack Attack!

Holy Cow! Talk about overload. OK Back tack buddy... you really overdid it didn't you? What a fabulous package this was. I wish I could take a better photo. some of these fabrics are really interesting. The best part is that I would never have picked them out myself. And that is a good thing. I am so conservative and I envy those wonderful colours everyone is playing with right now. Now I have my work cut out for me creatively, so to speak. I'll keep posting me progress on this exchange.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

cough cough

No actually, I am not coughing, I have pneumonia. Not serious, however I am suffering and feeling lethargic and lacklustre.

I did make my motorcycle trip, almost. I had to abandon my bike in Haliburton on the way back(about 1 1/2 hours from home) on Sunday night. I was shivering so badly, I was having trouble controlling my bike. Yuk. Can't really describe how that felt. I am going down after work tomorrow with hubby tomorrow night to ride it back the rest of the way.

I was so cold on Sunday night, that my shivering didn't abate for about 3 hours after I got home. Hence, I added to my sickness I was suffering before the trip and moved it into the realm of pneumonia. Being rained on for about 20 minutes in 11 degree Celcius weather didn't help I guess. The rain suit (that I put on after it started to rain) didn't help ease the cold.

Well, I suppose the good thing about the ride was that one of the experienced racers we were riding with said only that I needed to be less textbook about my riding style. I thought I had to maintain my line when riding with others. He said I needed to find my comfort zone first and everyone would cut me some slack until I was comfortable with cornering. At least he didn't say I sucked!

Anyway - to bed early tonight so I can pick up the little bike tomorrow.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Illustration Friday - Aquatic

A submission for Illustration Friday, this week's theme is "aquatic". This is a drawing that I drew for an exchange through Nervousness.org.

Aquatic Posted by Hello


Creative people, read it. I have not finished it but I like what it says.

Thanks to Violette for the link.

My romantic soul

You know, my husband is a romantic soul. I was teasing him last night. Something we were watching on TV reminded me of how simple our life used to be before the house, the dogs, the daughter, and the careers, back when we were going to school in Toronto, living on our own and responsible for only ourselves. So I asked him if he missed that. "Missed what?" he asked. You know, just being able to quit a job if we didn't like it, deciding on the spur of the moment to go home for the weekend and only packing a shirt and a change of underwear and socks.

"Yah sure" he says. So a little time goes by and something else on the TV triggers another memory. So I say, "You know, I was telling Jennifer (our life insurance rep) about you rebuilding me the Eliminator (motorcycle) for Christmas and she just sat there with her mouth open", "So?" he says. "Well, don't think I don't know that deep down you are quite the romantic" I say. "Yah OK" he says condescendingly.

No really. I had to point out a few memories I have of him.

So... one year, when we lived in Toronto going to school, Hubby was working at a Greek restaurant a few blocks from our apartment. It was back in 1991. We had been experiencing heat waves, lots of heat waves. Hubby and I could often be found melting into a pool of flesh on the floor of our living room, under the ceiling fan (no air conditioning), lying in our underwear watching TV, praying for a breeze from the window. So, this particular day, Hubby was at work and I was expecting him home any minute. I was sitting on the floor with a cold cloth on my head. I heard the door open downstairs and Hubby running up the stairs and jogging down the hall to the living room. Door opens and there is Hubby standing there in a t-shirt and shorts sweating his ass off. It was easy to see that he had run all the way home from work. In his hands he was holding a half melted banana split from Dairy Queen. He had the goofiest grin on his face. I look at him, I look at the melting ice cream and I say "What! No spoon?". With a look of triumph, he reaches back and whips out a plastic spoon and napkins from his back pocket. "Ah HA!" he says. Holly crap did I giggle. He didn't even get one for himself. He just sat there with his goofy grin and watched me eat it.

So I remind him of this. And he is simply looking at me, so I say...

"OK. Remember how you used to have to go home to visit your friends at least once a month?"

This one time, he was bugging me to go home for a weekend, but I had so much work at school to do that I couldn't go. So he waffled on going and staying for several days. Friday comes and he has decided to go. His train was going to leave before I got home from work, he had told me he felt awful about going without me. I told him to go, after all he was hard to live with if he didn't get out of the city once in a while.

So I come home from work and at the top of the stairs to our apartment I find a note from him. The note says again how much he'll miss me and also tells me that in his absence, he has tried to leave a little bit of him here for me so I won't get lonely. Here is where it gets really nuts. See hubby had left notes everywhere. Not just notes. Instructions. In the first note on the top of the stairs he has told me he made dinner for me and it is in the fridge. In the fridge was a plate with an uncooked hamburger patty, with all the fixing wrapped separately, onions, lettuce, and tomato. The ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard are all line up beside the plate and on the plate is a note "How to cook a hubby-burger" Very explicit instructions as to the order things were to be done and how to place the tomato just so. I ate dinner with a smile. I went to draw a bath and he had laid out bubble bath, towel, soap etc. complete with a pile of icy-squares (my favourite chocolate at the time) and a note. Telling me how much he loved me. He had even written on the mirror, left notes to drop out of the toilet paper as it was used. In the living room, he had written out a schedule of the times I could find my favourite TV programs on, and had laid out a pile of Reece’s Pieces (another favourite). He had even written an "I Love You" note and placed it on Abraham (pet rat)'s cage. There were notes in coat pockets, notes in school books, notes in our closet. He had laid out a favourite shirt I wore to bed on our bed with a pile of icy-squares on my pillow. For the next few days I was embarrassed by notes falling out of books in class, notes in my camera bag, and notes in my grocery store uniform. Even after he came back from his trip, I was still finding notes. How the hell he had found to time to come home from school and do all that before he had to scramble to catch the train I'll never know. But it still made me smile a few weeks later when I found a note fastened with elastic to a can of tomato soup, my favourite.

So, that brings me to the story of the motorcycle. I might have blogged this before, but it is relevant here. I met my hubby almost 18 years ago, and I am only 35. Back then, as now, he lived on a motorcycle. So one day he bought this Eliminator. He loves the power of a motorcycle. He is not into Harleys, he likes straight line haul ass kind of power. Street bikes and such, anyway. He got this crazy idea that he would teach me how to ride. So here, it is probably appropriate to tell you that Hubby was supposedly from the wrong side of the tracks, not true but - my parents would have thought so. I, on the other hand, was going to catholic school, wore the uniform (kilt) and everything. It must have been some sort of schoolboy fantasy. No one in my school even owned a motorcycle, let alone rode one. To think if me back then, straight A's, into playing classical guitar and art... definitely NOT one of the "popular girls - let along one of the popular crowd, pulling up the school on a bad ass bike kilt flying out behind me, glimpses of white "pure good girl" underwear here and there, makes me smile now. Back then, I guess I agreed to his crazy plan because it would have been some sort of perverted way of getting back at all the people who never paid attention to me I guess. Anyway, so I got my learners permit and Hubby taught me to ride. The night before I was supposed to take it to school, I had a bad experience on the way home and lost all confidence in taking it to school. My view was, when I explained it to him, that if I couldn't pull up and take off with a flourish of "screw you all (but hopefully I hope you are watching me cause I secretly want to be popular)", then I wouldn't do it. So that fantasy of his never happened.

But we did ride everywhere together. Visiting my mom 3 hours away when she and my dad divorced, going out and riding with friends. And then he sold it. So over the years, he has seen it sometimes and then not. About 17 months ago, he found out a buddy of his who used to own the bike had found the Eliminator once again, in rough shape (it had been downed and left outside in the elements) and bought it with the plans to rebuild it. But he didn't get around to it and my husband got it in his head that he didn't want to see the bike just rust away - he owed it to the bike. So he bought it, in boxes, and over a 5 week period, he completely rebuilt it, without me knowing it, and Christmas Eve 2003, he surprised me it. Who cares if I didn't know how to drive it anymore. I would damn well learn. I KNOW what that bike means to him, what it means that he would do that for me, how much work he had done to surprise me and that he wanted to share his love of motorcycles with me. And it's mine.

There is a reason Jennifer's jaw dropped when I told her the story. How many people do that kind of shit? For anyone!

Isn't he romantic? I got a knowing smile from him, I think he is secretly satisfied with himself.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I got it!

Well, I got the results I wanted from my last search. Not that these links will be entirely useful for Back-Tack, however if you use th e"Image" button and search Google for "Art Purse" I think you will find some inspiring results.


Kathleen Dustin - Exquisite Evening Bags Become Wearable Art my favourite is this one.
DJ Pettitt - Oh my - check out her purse gallery
Pats Funky Art has some painted purses in her gallery that I ran accross a while back

And.... Wohoo! I purchased my fabric for Back-Tack and tomorrow it'll be on its way to the person who'll transform it into something wonderful. I sure wish I could post a picture of it here. But that is against the rules.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Funky Craft Book

While searching last night for some resources to spark ideas for the Guider's Craft Cupboard for the upcoming Area Day thingy next fall, I found this book on my bookshelf. I made that wire necklace a few years back when I was into making wire jewellery. Anyway, I flipped through it and found..... (post below)

1975 book Posted by Hello

Ta Da!

It's a Chickamajig and a Pussamajig. I like the chick best. Lina pointed it out too at our meeting last night with the other Guider. I might just have to make one!

chickamajig Posted by Hello

I think it is a quail or something similar. I see some definate Partridge Family influence here!
So here is the pattern. If anyone else wishes to make one, please send me a note. I'd love to see them!

pattern Posted by Hello

With some misgivings

It is with some misgivings (she annouces thoughtfully) that I have agreed to ride my loner motorcycle down to Shannonville for the first Parts Canada Motorcycle Race of the season. This is a 3 1/2 hour trip for me. I've logged about 220 km so far, but that was over 3 days. Part of me has a secret yearning to be able to "ride with the guys". But the other part of me has no wish to do 220 km/h round twisty corners leaning the bike over at hair-raising angles. AND my learners permit specifies that I cannot ride in the dark, cannot drive major highways, blah blah blah. And as I mentioned in a previous post, I don't speed. I hope dear hubby knows how much of a damper I am going to be on his ride. There are about 15 bikes going down, I'll be at the back.

Did I mention he has plans for me to take his vintage race bike round the track at the first Vintage Race? I better learn to take corners better.

We leave Friday, I'll make sure I post about that so I can read it a few years from now and marvel at my beginner's nerves.

Other fabric container ideas.

So I have been racking my brain to come up with other search perameters to get more results from a pouch search. I mean, these things seem pretty popular, what are they calling them?

Then I remembered a site I fell in love with a few years back (the word "box" was what I was mulling over). Anyway, for the adventurous soul - try fabric origami. I've made a few of these, they are not too hard, there used to be a tutorial on the site, but it seems it has changed since I was last there and they smartened up I guess. Now they are charging for their instructions. Its worth looking through the gallery to get a glimpse of some possibilities. Anyway, they do have a technique section (look under "process" and check out the ready-set-go buttons) and you can go here to get some origami patterns to try out. Just type in "box" on the diagram page.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Funny Purses

Ok, so this is the purse that led me to the fish purses. Google searched the images for purses and came accross this site with quite a few fun purses. Check it.

Toast Purse Posted by Hello

Ok for some more links:

Bitter Sweet Genevieve has a few cute ones.
Handbagaddict has some plain but signature items.
purseket.com the most interesting ting about this page is the little kit that goes into the purse to organize - could be handy for notion organization!
Ewww! check out the Thursday, September 25, 2003 entry here and go to the picture labeled the fish of prosperity. Hmmmm fish theme tonight. I guess I need some more brain food.
And somewhat unrelated to Back-Tack - check out the Kureyon Bag Gallery - Way to many bags on a theme.

Still looking for seach options. There has to be more out there. Anyone?
Hmm this is a different shape?

Rubber Fish Purses

OK It was WAY to funny, I had to post it. Happened, during more pouch research, to find these rubber purses, don't know how they work or anything but CRAP! would I ever love to walk into the grocery store with one of these, and I would be so totally straight faced. If you knew me you would be rolling on the ground by now. I am the most straight laced, goody two-shoes out there. I don't even speed! My husband wouldn't be caught dead with me if I was wearing one! I feel the need to start a trend.

Rubber Fish Purses Posted by Hello

OR, maybe because I am still sleep deprived from the weekend and from the fact that I just signed up to help out the Girl Guides craft cupboard for next October which means I have 2 crafts kits to make 30 kits each and 3 more crafts that I volunteered to create instructions for, buy materials for and make another 30 kits of each. No wonder I didn't sleep last night. I just heard my deadline is the end of June.

I still think those purses are funny.

Monday, May 16, 2005

More on Teeshamoore

To finish off my lunch break I lurked around a bit more on Teesha Moore's website. Gosh! I just love her journal pages! She has a little blurb about how she does them but do yourself a favour and check them out. I found some watercolour paper that I had stashed a while back. Now I have a good use for them.

teeshamoore journal pagePosted by Hello

More links for pouches

I found (OK I searched for while working) some more links for interesting purse/pouches etc.

Recycled containers at HGTV
55 Handmade Purses from HGTV (some technique ideas here)
Some interesting surface treatments from teeshamoore go to the main page www.teeshamoore.com and check out her rubber stamps as well!
Yarn Tomato has a little crocheted pouch with basic instructions (see May 12th entry)
Some interesting pouches and crafty things on joleen's blog

All for now.

I survived!

Yep, I'm back which means I survived the sleepover with 11-5&6 year olds and 1-14 year old. No casualties and not one child went home during the night. At 2:12am (I looked at my cell phone) out came a cry in the darkness " iiiiiiiiii missssss my MOOOOMMMMMYYYYY! I got up quickly, not like I was sleeping or anything, and brought the girl back to lie near me so I could calm her down. I didn't suggest that I would call her mom, although I would have if she had suggested it. She calmed down. I told her what a great job she was doing and that I was proud of her. She fell asleep soon after and was perfectly happy in the morning. She even gave me a hug when she left. While explaining the nights events to her mom the next morning, her mom told me that her daughter still sleeps with her (is unable to make it through the night by herself) and that she was surprised that her daughter made it throught the night. Hmmm, information like that would have been nice before the sleepover so that we could have watched her for signs of difficulty during the night. Oh well all survived.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Illustration Friday - Late

As always, Friday the 13th strikes again. I did manage a sketch last night for Illustration Friday. I figured I should since I suggested the topic and all.

This is mischief - when man fools around with DNA.
Mischief Posted by Hello

Other than that, this day looks like its starting a long nasty spiral down hill. More later.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

More Pouch Research

I found some knitting needle rolls through Plain Mabel. I found a link to Textile Fetish, check out the Craft Gear section, as well as the other bags for ideas.

Also through Plain Mabel I saw this pouch from Lekkner which I think is an ingenious use of vintage T's. The vegetarian pouches have fun and quirky sayings.

Oh and check out the button pouch by Charlene Boehne. I never though of sewing on buttons in such a manner before. (Oh and I like the Toby Tyler Purse as well - who would have though of making a book into a purse?)

There are also some wonderfully coloured travel pouches for craft supplies at Myrawood.com. While you are there check out the rest of her site. Some wonderful freeform knitted bags.

Sleepover Time!

You know, I've only been a Girl Guide Leader for two years and already I am starting to mark the passage of time in annual events. Tomorrow is the annual Sparks Sleepover. It also means that my Guiding year is almost up and my nights will soon be my own once again.

Sparks are the youngest branch of Canadian Guiding. They are 5 and 6 years old. Our Spark Unit has 14 "confident" and "active"girls. And I am preparing, along with my fellow leader, to host a sleepover at our meeting place, which is a small church hall. Now here is where I need to insert a fact that has come to light over the past two years of Guiding. I actually make a difference in the lives of girls. Wow. It's something I find hard to admit. Some things I have done with the girls are still talked about. I don't know why that makes me so uncomfortable. But I do know that it makes me want to do my best as a leader. Last year during our Thinking Day celebration, I taught the girls a simple Traditional Indian dance Bharat Natyam. I have no training, just an appreciation of all cultural traditions. This was my first year Guiding and having never been to one of these celebrations I did not know what was expected of me. We were charged with picking some items to teach the girls about India where one of Guiding's World Centres is located. I love India, I've never been there but it's culture is very appealing. I have a shalwar kameez (this photo is just an example) and so does my daughter (she was invited to the Mehndi ceremony of her daycare worker when she was four). I have a beautiful sari (something like this), I have quite a bit of popular Hindi music. So I got a video out of the library, learned some very basic movements and as the groups rotated through the various stations on Thinking Day, I taught them some basic moves (while dressed in the Shalwar) and let them dance to sitar music. Then I gave them a "henna" tattoo. Actually it was red face paint that I applied using a simple stencil, but it looked very cool. So 70 or so girls had a chance to dance and when the evening was over girls kept coming up to the stage and talking to me and asking me to watch them dance and showing me over and over again how they could do the moves I had taught.

They are still talking about it this year. So I learned to watch what I say and do, I mean afterall if they are listening, I want to make sure they hear me at my best upbeat self.

So for our sleepover we are taking them for a walk to our waterfront park to play, having a campfire (kindling and Haloween lights) and watching a movie with popcorn. If it rains I have a HUGE container of dress up clothes that they can play with. We are setting up three tents in the hall and the girls are sleeping in the tents, the adults are sleeping on the floor next to the tents. Should be alot of giggles and a late night!

They earn a "Going Camping" Keeper (badge) for this as well as a sleepover crest. Lina is so excited.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pouch Research

I started looking into pouch ideas for back-tack and ran into these pretty needle felted pouches from Gleason's Fine Woolies Ranch . I have never needle felted, but I like the feel and look of these.

Needle Felted Pouches Posted by Hello

There are tutorials on this site too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Male Perspective

Ever click that little thingy on the top right hand of a blogger blog? Well I do sometimes, just for the randomness of it. Today I found the Lowly Scribe a father's perspective on life and a really entertaining and well written read.


Oh who am I kidding?

Oh who am I kidding? This is my real inspiration. Lina. This is Lina last year after a ballet recital talking to daddy on the phone (he couldn't make it).

My Real Inspiration Posted by Hello

I need inspiration

Last night was frustrating. My daughter and school do not get along. I mean the classroom is not an environment where my daughter learns. More on that later. Anyway today I was left with a feeling of desperation and defeat. It helped to phone her teacher and vent a bit. Hopefully I will receive an answer this afternoon as to when the Board's assessment specialist will get to see her and get to the root of the problem. It also helped to talk with my mom and my husband who missed the whole episode last night.

So I got out on my bike (considered not doing it until I listened to a CBC radio report which noted that you can't take care of others unless you care for your own needs first). Deep breath. I struggled through 2 Lees Rds. I am feeling a little better mentally and fatigued physically but overall my mood is improving.

So, last night I did get my beads out for the first time in almost two months and began to sketch out two art dolls for Nervousness. I got about 1/2 of the wire frame for one doll complete before I had to quit and deal with Lina but I got it started none the less.

So, in order to hold on to creativity I did something I do when I am in the need of inspiration. I did a random search on the Google Images. What I do is type in a random interest such as "whimsy" and see what I get and begin my search that way. Sometimes I use the language tools and search in other languages too. Today I search "knit bags" and came accross what I guess is a Korean (?) online knit school.

Some really cute knit and crochet ideas including the bag below. This one goes in my idea file.

Granny Square Bag Posted by Hello

Monday, May 09, 2005

Beaded Flowers Posted by Hello
I love making french beaded flowers and I have made quite a few but I have never been satisfied with wreaths made entirely from just beaded flowers. These beaded roses (made from seed beads) and leaves went into a wreath I completed last year (nope I stupidly didn't take pictures when it was all done). I had picked up "Beads in Bloom" at some point last year and learned the technique. Then, while surfing, I found the wreath below.

The wreath below mixes beaded roses with silk leaves and grape vines and is courtesy of BeadJewelryMaking.com. It is simple yet exquisite and an unexpected combination. Next time I make some beaded flowers I will consider something like this. The technique is available on the page and is worth trying.

Beaded Wreath Posted by Hello

On the road again.

Yep, it's spring. And the reason I know that is because my knees are giving out on me. I got back on my bike today. Its like to return of the robins for me - the start of biking season. When I am up and running, I ride about 30km on my lunch (1 hour), however when I start I measure it in Lees Roads. There is a killer hill near my office and I always start out riding 1 Lees hill. When I get a little faster, I ride 2 Lees hills (meaning I ride up, turn around and go back down and turn around and do it again). When I can ride Lees Rd 3 times during lunch and get back in time to wash up and get back to my desk in a decent time, then I know it's time to get out and do a Centenial Crescent. 1 Centenial Crescent and back is about a 29km round trip from my office down highway 17. Some decent hills and a good distance for a lunch ride.

And every year as I ride up Lees Rd I aim for this particular green mailbox. Its one of those rural mailboxes that where people go to pick up their mail and its placed at the beginning of a steeper portion of the hill. In years past, I have been huffing and puffing so much when I get to this stupid mailbox that I can't crank it over anymore and I unclick my shoes and put my foot down and gasp for air. The crazy thing is that a stupid yappy dog lives at this particular spot and if he is out when I stop he freaks out and tries to bit my tires. It must be comical to witness this because I am usually so out of breath that I have trouble clicking in my shoes and heading back up the hill. My road tires are so thin and under so much pressure that one bit from those little teeth would mean I'd be changing tubes while kicking away a little growling dog.

But, that's all in the past, I am happy to say that I have been starting off the season in much better shape than in the past, I am able to ride up the hill without stopping. Mind you, my lungs are a little sore today and my right knee is pained. But I did it and possibly by week's end I'll have reached my 3 Lees Roads and will start next week on the highway once again.

Last year, I brought my bike with me to the Motorcycle Races a few times and was even able to take my bike out on the track at Mosport one Saturday evening after the heat races. People were out walking around on the track and I had just come back from a road ride and my husband told me to try out the track. It was during the Tour de France and I have to admit I giggled a little in uncharacteristic vanity when a few people camping up on turn 5 whistled and yelled out "Go Lance" as I pumped up the turn. I also felt satisfied that I rode the track that my husband raced. It has a lot of elevation changes and is a racer's track (great to ride but there are no grandstands and people camp at the corner of their choosing so always see the race at the same angles). Hence, spectators have no clue what the entire track is like. It felt good to be able to relate a little more to what he was talking about when he would say "you know turn seven..."

And speaking of motorcycles, miracles of miracles! I actually got out on my loaner bike this weekend. It's a 1997 GS500 (looks something like this) and it is a great little starter bike. Hopefully by summer's end I'll be out on my bike a 1985 Kawasaki Eliminator ZL900. It's a big burly sucker and I'd much rather get comfortable on the road on a little fart first.

Anyway, although I am excited about the 220 or so km I put on the little bike this weekend, I am more excited for my daughter who got to ride with us on my husband's 954. We surprised her by picking her up from school on Friday and she was a little showoff to her friends getting on the bike. I mean how many 6 year old girls get picked up by their mommies and daddies from school on motorcycles in Canada? Not to mention how many 6 year old girls have 3 motorcycles of their own? Yowsers. So we went and picked up my husband's cheque, went out to dinner and picked up a movie and headed home. Lina reveled in it, noticing people pointing her out on the back of the bike. It's not something you see everyday here. I just thought it was cool that this could be something we did as a family, I thought it would be much later, when she was older. Hubby just thought it was cool that she liked the acceleration the best and took her on a few corners quite fast. Well, I supposed maybe she could be the world's first Canadian and woman to win the MotoGP some day.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Oh Yummy Fabric

OK for those of you who may cross this blog (please stay a while and look around), check out this link to Fabric Connection. If you are like me and live in a city in the middle of nowhere, then you know that we certainly don't have fabric like this around here.

I'll have to check out my local stores.

And for those of you who happen here from back tack, drop me a comment or two. I'd love to meet you.

Back Tack here we go!


I got my secret back tack people email! Now off to actually get some fabric. I am looking forward to this one. Hmmmmm... I wonder which lucky sucker got me? Should I drop hints here and there about what I like? No. But I will try to be diligent about posting daily.

Off I go to stare at bolts of fabric and muse about my new secret back tack pals.

Debbie Bliss - who is this women? Posted by Hello

OK , Who is she... really? I mean when would she have time to come up with these. I was browsing a site which showed her "The Baby Knits Book" and a picture of all of the patterns. There was a few interesting ideas, but these caught my eye. What would your baby wear with these?

a sigh of relief...

Unfortunately, I am not done my year end, but I negotiated an extension. In the 15 years I have been doing this, this is the first time I have had this much trouble getting it all together.

Anyway, the last straw was my daughter calling me at work yesterday and asking me if I was coming home for dinner and telling me how much she missed me. I got my priorities straight and headed home. There is just still too much to do to get ready for the auditor's annual office visit which would have been tomorrow. I still brought work home with me and worked for about 3 hours, but I did it with Lina snuggling up against me on the couch watching TV.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Back at work.


I am back at work again. It's Sunday, and I have dragged my 6 year old to work with me. Mom's off to Ottawa to visit with my Aunt who flew in from the Northwest Territories for a conference. Mom has a brother in Ottawa so they'll be having a mini family reunion this weekend.

Hubby's in Belleville this weekend for the first motorcycle race of the season. I would have loved to have gone - but for this year end thing at work.

So Lina is with me. She is keeping herself busy using another computer to play www.myscene.com, a favourite of hers. It pleases her even more than she can use the laser printer to print our paper dolls. She also likes to use office stationary to create binders and booklets. It still feels bad to have dragged her here, she'd rather be playing with a friend.

Anyway, I am behind in quite a few things. I have not had more than a half an hour to get myself organized to send out the Google-eyed Monster returns. With the main site being down at Nervousness, I need to get organized to figure out who's addresses I need and whose I don't. I have a kids journal waiting to go for my daughter and I don't know who it is supposed to go to. And I have a couple of personal projects to take care of. I will certainly be looking forward to getting the year end out of the way.

For a distraction, I went back to Megan Noel's website, to remind myself why it is handmade books intrigue me so.

Leather craft
Modelling & Pottery
Paper Mache


Knot work
Lace making
Finger knitting

Cross stitch

French Beading
Loom work
Bead embroidery

paper craft

Cultural Handicrafts
Native Crafts


Dramatic Arts
Puppets (Finger puppets, marionettes)

Visual Arts
Pen & Ink





Letter Writing

Toys (Games, Puzzles)


Travel / vacations

Pen Pals





Homeschooling Resources
Science (Earth Science, Astronomy, Physics, Geography)

World Culture


Father’s Day
Mother’s Day

New Year’s Day
Canada Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Remembrance Day
Hair Accessories

Girl Guides